Yoga Science

yes, I have to look under my own covers to see what is there

all the water in the river from the mountain to the sea,

listen to sound of the bowl,  listen.. to.. the.. sound.. of..the.. bowl

through body,  through mind, through heart,  through soul

unwavering in watching, in observing  the wanderings

then this sea transforms into this ocean by going in

and leaving without destination

this is realities spirit song all the way

into divine.. all is divine, all mundane, all cloud

what ever the way shape or form, as beneath

t’is this invisible energy,

past clouds present clouds future clouds

from blue condensations; evaporations through

all conscious all subconscious all unconscious

does a flower know it is opening. and after

what do I say, scent colour fragrance divine

nothing is mine nothing is mine..



where there is motion

there is two

in dual division

where there is stillness


through self soul  heart


otherwise just live with mind

in separation

fate, two seas

destiny, one ocean

all this work is on the in


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