My symbol for peace, well being, prosperity

my symbol for inner peace and well being
for where is peace without ones self inner well being,
a total eclipse of this spirit sun by ones reflective
illusion, and then from here, borrowed projection
as the light of the moon is not the moon’s

this vessel is the symbol of ones body
this space is the symbol of ones mind
this circular knowledge is the symbol of ones soul
self embedding,
this feather is the symbol of ones flight, presently

you can come to your own realisation
conclusion is just a game..that serves nothing
reality is not a thin line of demarcation
it is a sharp knife edge in bringing together
all the inner self -personal energies that is otherwise scattered..
being whole wholly presently here,
mind body heart soul spirit self fully…
no worries no hurries no flusters no flurries..

and what is the point of handing an olive branch when ones roots are no where to be seen

find your own knowledge of self in self knowing..and to discern this learning, transform through ones own experience teaching..from ones own roots.. I cannot know any other way.. any other way is impossible.. and if I were to tread this way, then things would seem impossible.. see the illusion..walk and work through this..pebbles are the greatest teachings make sure that you are not lost in the mountain.. of scattered meaning, without concentrated purpose..


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