The wood

The wood looks to this world

unnoticing, this tree,  inwardly  completely oblivious

beneath its own  bark see, beneath this conditioning

is then this karmic relation

This sap sees in through what has been laid down

in going against the grain mind

of this no off button off this thinking that this thinking

is who I am

but this Who am I penetrates much deeper in

self reflecting introspecting

time is not the problem there is plenty  to find

it is the self that is the problem

self- time, not me  time, my time,  or I time

But self time in turning to entering through

ones own wood, just away sometime in the day for a moment totally

from the woodland..psychically

yes away from this psychic woodland

physically still and then to work on this psychic motion

through all action, in stilling,  instilling

in restoration beneath even this subconscious

but awake, yes consciously awake..

consciously aware  knowingly


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